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Keyline Ninja Laser

The Keyline Ninja Laser is the newest addition to the Red Key LLC family of key cutting machines.

This machine is capable of cutting traditional single- and double-sided edge cut keys, Laser, or track, cut high-security keys, and Tibbe keys which are a specific type of cylindrical key used on some Ford and Jaguar vehicles.
The versatility of this machine comes from its removable jaws and variable cutter speed. These removable jaws allow the Ninja Laser to cut any automotive key currently on the market. Combined with the flexibility of removable jaws, the Ninja Laser also features variable speed cutters allowing the machine to cut brass, steel, and aluminum keys.
Not only does the Keyline Ninja Laser cut keys, but it also has the ability to decode, or read the cuts, of an existing key using electrical input from the machine’s different tracers. The Ninja Laser can then cross-reference these measurements with known manufacturer specifications to guarantee an accurate cut every time.

This adaptable key machine is easily controlled using a small touch screen computer which runs Keyline’s proprietary operating system, Liger OS.

With this dedicated operating system, the user is able to search 1000s of key codes from 100s of different manufactures, ranging motorcycles to filing cabinets. The ability to translate these codes and then cut them to a useable key is one of the most important tools in a locksmith’s arsenal; the Ninja Laser makes this process simple and easy.
The incredible versatility of the Keyline Ninja Laser makes this machine an invaluable addition to the shop here at Red Key LLC. With this machine, we are able to originate or duplicate almost any key you may need, including the most high-end and newest automotive keys.

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