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1450 Niagara Falls Blvd,

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The Punch Machine by HPC

The Punch Machine by HPC is a 100% portable and electricity free cutting machine for edge cut keys.

This machine allows a locksmith to cut residential, commercial, and some automotive keys right in the field without the need for power. Weighing less than 20lbs, The Punch Machine is the perfect tool for locksmiths on-the-go.
The Punch Machine utilizes a punch & die style cutter coupled with a micrometer to cut
specified depths and spaces. These micrometer readings are then translated to useable cut codes with HPC code cards. Since keys cut by The Punch Machine are punched and not cut with a rotary cutter, they require no deburring or removal of excess metal, saving us valuable time in the field.
With HPC’s revolutionary code card system and 3 different punch styles for:

The Punch Machine is an irreplaceable tool.

Each HPC code card is designed to cut a different style key. When a code card is inserted into The Punch Machine you will see 2 reference needles, one lateral and one medial. These needles will then correspond with a lateral and medial scale printed on the code card. With this information you are able to line up depth cuts with the medial gauge and spacing with the lateral gauge based on HPC code cards. Essentially these code cards translate a known micrometer reading into a more manageable manufacturer code number. For example, a micrometer might read a cut depth as .236in and with the correct code card inserted, that depth will be read as a round number, such as 4. Given its speed, portability, and usefulness, The Punch Machine has been a long-standing piece of equipment here at Red Key LLC. The Punch Machine by HPC allows us to easily and quickly originate many keys whenever and wherever you may need us.

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