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Blitz cutting machine (2)

The Original Blitz by HPC

For over 30 years, The Original Blitz by HPC has been the favored code cutting machine for locksmiths worldwide. By using HPC’s code card system, locksmiths are able to easily cut multiple types of keys with ease. Similar to The Punch Machine by HPC, The Original Blitz uses gauge needles to transfer micrometer readings to known manufacturer cuts listed on HPC’s code cards. With multiple styles of cutting wheels available The Original Blitz can cut a diverse selection of key styles.

By using different size and shape rotary cutting wheels, along with specialty adaptors, the HPC Blitz is able to cut single- and double- sided edge cut keys, tubular keys, Tibbe keys, flat keys (such as those used in safe deposit boxes), and angle-cut high security keys (such as Medeco Classic, Medeco Biaxial, Emhart, Schlage Primus, and more). The shear versatility and customization of the Blitz makes it an extremely important member of our family here at Red Key. With 8 different jaws, more than 15 different cutting wheels, and 100s of code cards, the HPC Blitz is the go-to machine for almost any key you need.

Along with a vast selection of manufacture specific code cards, HPC also offers metric and standard micrometer cards for the Blitz. Using these micrometer cards, a locksmith is able to create a totally customized key by cutting spaces and depths to their exact specifications. One great use for micrometer cards is cutting a new key to replace a broken one. For example, a customer may have a key stuck inside of a lock; that key may be broken and missing the “head” of the key which contains identifying markers a locksmith would normally use to select the appropriate code card. Once the locksmith extracts the broken key, they can use the lock to select a blank that fits the lock. Now what’s important to know is that while the new blank selected by the locksmith will fit the lock, it may not be the same manufacturer or have the same specifications as the original, broken key. This is where a micrometer and the HPC micrometer code cards really show their stuff. By measuring the depths and spaces of the broken key a locksmith can then cut a new, possibly different, key blank to the exact measurements of the broken key allowing the new key to work perfectly.
The all-around usefulness of The Original Blitz renders it an invaluable tool to locksmiths worldwide. HPC’s commitment to accuracy, durability, and versatility proves why it has been the standard bearer of key machines for over 30 years. With years of experience and a quality machine like the HPC Blitz, we can cut you a perfect key every time.

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