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Framon with G Code soaftware

Framon FRA-2001 Computer-Driven Code Machine

The Framon FRA-2001 Computer-Driven Code Machine is a perennial favorite here at Red Key LLC. This machine, in conjunction with the Framon Genericode software, makes it an extremely powerful and accurate code cutting machine. The “Framon”, as it is known around our shop, allows us to cut single- and double- sided edge cut keys along with flat cut keys which are used primarily for safe deposit boxes.

The machine itself has no controls other than an on/off switch as it is entirely controlled by a stand-alone computer. This computer is connected with a serial cable and runs Framon’s powerful code software, Genericode. Using Genricode, the Framon is able to make extremely accurate cuts every time. The Genericode software allows a locksmith to search for key codes using a variety of methods. The “G-Code” software can search for codes by manufacturer, year, make, and model for automotive and powersports keys in addition to lock type such as padlock, utility lock, etc. Not only does G-Code provide a database of 1000’s of key codes, it also has other important features. With this software, a locksmith can generate progression keys, which will potentially allow us to create a key when no code is known and with little other information. The Framon, along with the Genericode software, is also extremely helpful when creating master key systems. G-Code and the Framon can cut keys to a specific code and then adjust those cuts by minute increments to make master keying simple and accurate. From there, G-Code is also able to create a master key chart, which is an invaluable reference when a locksmith performs a master rekey. This chart will automatically generate Grand Master keys, Master keys, and Change keys based off of any code the locksmith inputs. By having this information calculated by G-Code, it can save a locksmith valuable time and avoid the frustrating and often complicated calculations that come with large master key systems. 

Framon’s FRA-2001 Computer-Driven Code Machine has been used at Red Key LLC for years. It remains one of our preferred machines for edge cut keys. Furthermore, the Genericode software allows for a plethora of extremely important locksmithing resources. From cutting keys by code to generating a huge master key system automatically, the Framon will always be an important machine in our shop.

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