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Hockey big groove (3)

HPC Big Groove Cutting Machine

The HPC Big Groove is a duplicating machine specifically designed for automotive high-security, track or laser cut keys. Track or laser cut keys are primarily used in newer vehicles, but may also be found on some foreign vehicles dating back to the 1990’s. The Big Groove utilizes a side by side, two jaw system, along with a tracer stylus and a cutting stylus (similar to a router or CNC machine) to make an exact duplicate of any track or laser key.

The first step in duplicating with the Big Groove is to measure the track depth of the original key; this is done by inserting the original key into the cutting jaw, lowering the cutting stylus to the proper depth, and locking the cutting stylus in place. The locksmith will then remove the original from the cutting side and reinsert it into the tracer jaw. A matching key blank is then loaded into the cutting side; the cutting stylus will already be set to the proper depth because it was measured in the previous step using the original. With both the new key blank and the original key properly tightened into their respective jaws, the locksmith can now begin the cutting process. While the tracer and cutting stylus can be adjusted vertically, the actual cutting action is provided by the jaw carriage which can be freely moved along the x-axis and y-axis by the locksmith. Due to the amount of material being removed and the nature of the cutting style, the locksmith must cut slowly and carefully to be 100% accurate. As the operator moves the carriage to cut the new key, the tracer stylus will ride along the cuts of the original key ensuring that the cutting stylus can only penetrate as deep as the original. After one side is cut, the locksmith will then repeat this procedure on the opposing side of the key. In general, both sides of the key have identical cuts so rotating the original key and resetting the stylus depth may not be necessary; this is not always the case as some track or laser cut keys do have different cuts on either side of the key. A properly trained and professional locksmith will be able to use the HPC Big Groove to duplicate almost any high-security automotive key.

The HPC Big Groove is an extremely important machine here at our shop as it allows us to make an exact duplicate of your track or laser key every time. At Red Key LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to complete every job and adapt to every situation. The Big Groove is one of the many tools and machines that we have at our disposal to satisfy all of our customers need.

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