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Exit Devices

Exit devices are specially designed to provide a fast, safe, and easy way out in case of emergencies. They keep exit doors locked from the outside but makes it possible for people inside the building to exit hands-free. Exit devices are built on doors in high-abuse environments and are most commonly found in schools, hospitals, government offices, and commercial buildings.

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There are different types of exit devices available in the market:

1. Rim

Rim style exit devices are installed on the inside surface of the door. This type is very cost efficient and is enough to satisfy the requirements outlined in the New York building code or Niagara and Erie counties websites. Rim style exit devices are most commonly found in small buildings with high traffic.

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2. Surface Vertical Rod

Surface vertical rods are comprised of top and bottom rods which are mounted on the door. This type of exit device is commonly found on pairs of doors, but they can also be used on single doors for an extra layer of security. The best thing about surface vertical rods is that they are very easy to install. They are also cheaper compared to the concealed type of vertical rods – which is what we are going to talk about next!

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3. concealed Vertical Rod

Contrary to surface vertical rods that are exposed, concealed vertical rods are installed inside the door as suggested by its name. There are two main reasons to opt for the concealed vertical rod. One is because of aesthetics. Establishments with an aesthetic to maintain may want to keep exit devices out of sight to maintain the theme of the building design. Secondly, concealed vertical rods are also more resilient to abuse which is perfect for exit doorways that frequently encounter a lot of force and traffic. The thing about concealed vertical rods, however, is that they can be quite a challenge to install. With concealed vertical rods, you will have to prepare the door which can be complicated work for a non-professional. So, if you are not familiar with exit device installation, it is better to leave this one to the experts (which is us!)

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4. mortise

Mortise style exit devices are mounted into a cavity in the door, much like how a regular mortise lock works. The body of the mortise lock attaches into a hole at the edge of the door and the deice will be mounted on the surface of the door. Mortise exit devices are used in environments that require a high level of security.

Whatever type of exit device you need for your establishment, we at Red Key LLC carries them all! We do professional installation, repairs, as well as other commercial lock services including but not limited to master key systems setup and video surveillance. Call us today and let us know what we can help you with. Looking forward to serving you!

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Red Key LLC has been proudly serving Buffalo, New York since 2012. We are a full-service locksmith company that caters to all residential homes and businesses in Buffalo as well as its neighboring areas. One of our many expertise specific to commercial locksmith services is exit device installation and repair.

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