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SFIC – Small-Format Interchangeable Cores

If you are a commercial business owner or a residential landlord, you know that key control is extremely important. Whether you fire an employee or evict a tenant, knowing who has access to your property is crucial. Often, when a key cannot be recovered, this will inevitably lead to a professional locksmith rekeying your locks. Constant employee or tenant overturn can eventually lead to multiple locksmith visits throughout a year, which leaves you on the hook for service and rekey charges every time. What if there was a better way? Good news, there is! With SFIC (Small-Format Interchangeable) cores, customers can easily and simply swap lock cylinders and keys on their own.

the advantages of sfic

Essentially, SFIC cores are self-contained lock cylinders, which are easily removable from specifically made housings. These housings act as the locking mechanism for a wide variety of hardware. By utilizing multiple sheer lines within the SFIC core and a specific “control” key, the user is able to extend and retract a lug, which holds the core in place within its housing. By actuating the control lug, swapping premade cores is a simple procedure. This can be extremely time and cost efficient for many applications. For example, many commercial facilities keep multiple cores, which are pinned to different key combinations, on hand in order to control access when necessary. By utilizing an SFIC core system properly, you will always have a new core and keys at your disposal. One unique benefit of an interchangeable core system is the expansive opportunity for master-keying. SFIC cores allow for a large number of masters, submaster, and change keys possibilities resulting in a very tightly controlled key system.

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SFIC systems can be designed to fit just about any locking need you may have. These cores are used widely in big box retail spaces and have been a crucial part of physical security for years. You will find SFIC cores on many different hardware configurations. Some of these configurations include alarmed panic devices, deadbolts, levers/knobs, lockboxes, padlocks, and even keyed switches. One of the most popular pieces of hardware used with SFIC cores is a mortise lock. Mortise locks come in many different styles and can be found on almost every commercial building. The wide-ranging adaptability of SFIC core systems allows them to meet the unique needs of almost every customer.

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When implementing a master key system, replacing hardware, or building new construction, it’s important to consider the benefits of an SFIC core system.  A professional locksmith is able to evaluate your current and future needs, and design a system that will also allow for expansion. The wide scope of SFIC systems will accomate your every physical security requirement whenever they arise.  Whether your goal is to save time, money, or headache a good key control plan will make everything that much easier. By using the flexibility that an SFIC core system offers, we are able to chart and record every lock in your facility. This attention to detail ensures that future service is simple and straight forward. Not only does this provide clear instructions for any future locksmith, but it also provides you, as the customer, with the ability to change your own locks at any time.

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