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Redkeyllc Keypad Locks 3.1

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are one of the best ways to keep your home, garage, or office safe while you’re away. But even for the tech-savvy, installing and fixing them can be tricky without the help of a trained mechanic. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you install, fix, or troubleshoot your locking system, Red key LLC locksmith has the training to deal with every kind of keypad lock.

What kinds of keypad locks are there ?

When you call up your locksmith, the first question you’ll likely be asked is the kind of keypad lock you have. Or, if you’re looking to install a keypad lock for the first time,the question will be what kind of keypad lock you’re interested in installing. While your Red Key LLC can help guide you to the right option for your needs, it’s a good idea to know some of the basic kinds of keypad locks:

Standard keypad locks – These keypad locks don’t have fancy bells and whistles. You simply enter a code on the keypad—which may have buttons or a digital screen—and unlock the door. These locks generally also include a keyhole for manual opening. Standard keypad locks are especially popular for commercial spaces, because multiple people can enter without having to cut extra keys. But they’re also great residential locking systems. Some popular brands of standard keypad locks include Schlage, Kwikset and SimpliSafe.

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Smart keypad locks – These types of keypad locks are a step up from the standard variety in terms of the technology they use. That’s because smart keypad locks can be set up to an app so that you can unlock the door or garage from your smartphone. They’re still considered keypad locks because they also have the option to enter a code from a keypad. The company Yale offers a few different kinds of smart keypad locks, some of which can even be connected to smart home devices.
Keypadless locks – Some of the latest home and commercial locking systems don’t use a keypad or a mechanical key at all. They simply rely on smart technology to lock and unlock your door from the app on your smartphone. Companies like Ring and August are leading the way in this field of home and office locking technology. While not technically a keypad lock, your Buffalo NY locksmith may still be able to help you troubleshoot problems with this kind of smart locking system.

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What kinds of things typically go wrong with keypad locks?

By far the most common reason why a keypad lock will stop working is because of a dead battery. For the majority of these locks, you can disassemble the keypad lock from the door with household tools and replace the battery yourself. Of course, if you want to save yourself the time and make sure that it’s installed correctly after changing the battery, Red Key LLC locksmith can do the job for you in Buffalo NY and Erie county.

If the problem is not the battery, it’s possible that one of the internal mechanisms like pins, screws or wiring has come loose or burned out. After all, even the best locking systems aren’t built to last forever. You might need some periodic upkeep to make sure that the locking system is running smoothly. In the case of a smart keypad lock, you may need to contact the provider to troubleshoot the technical problems, but your on-the-ground locksmith will make sure to diagnose the problem for an even quicker fix.

In the case that you’re locked out because of an issue with your keypad lock, Red Key LLC locksmith can come to your aide quickly. They’ll be able to disengage the locking system and reprogram it so that you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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How much can you expect to pay for professional help with your keypad lock?

As you probably guessed from the wide array of keypad lock types, the cost of locksmith repair can vary. The amount of technology and level of security of your specific lock, as well as the time that you call out your locksmith and whether it’s an emergency, can all factor into your final price. That said, here are a few details that can help you estimate the potential cost:

– High security locks are generally more time-consuming to repair.

– Emergency lockouts can be more expensive, so it’s best to call your Buffalo locksmith at the first sign of malfunction.

– The average price of calling a locksmith in Buffalo NY is anywhere between $100 and $225.

Because there are so many different keypad models on the market, it’s a good idea to call ahead and get a quote from your Buffalo NY locksmith!

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