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How to choose the right door knob

Choosing the right door knob for your space seems simple enough. How can you go wrong? It’s just a door knob!

But, if you pick the first door knob that you see online, you could be missing out on some key information. Is that door knob strong enough for the amount of traffic it will see daily? Does it have the locking capacity you need? And which door knob is most appropriate for your setting, be it an office, the front door of your home, or a bedroom?

Here at Redkey LLC, we’re happy to help you find the right door knob for your space. Let’s take a look at some common door knobs!

1 - Dummy knob

A dummy door knob is the lowest-tech door knob on the market. There’s no latch or locking mechanism and the knob itself doesn’t rotate; rather, it’s intended for use on cabinets and other lightweight doors.

Redkeyllc dummy knob

2 - Passage Lockset

Unlike dummy door knobs, passage locksets do have a latch mechanism and rotating knob or lever handle. You’re most likely to see these types of knobs in—you guessed it!—hallways, passageways, or closets that don’t need to be locked. They keep the door firmly closed, but they don’t provide any security.

Redkeyllc Passage lockset

3 - Privacy Lockset

A step up from passage door knobs, privacy locksets do have a locking mechanism, but only on one side. These are the most popular door knobs for residential bathrooms and sometimes bedrooms, because, as the name implies, they provide privacy.

When used in a commercial setting, such as a restroom or changing room inside a business, privacy locksets can be fitted with an occupancy indicator. Typically, privacy locksets in commercial settings are able to be opened from the outside with a key for safety reasons.

You might notice that privacy door knobs can be fitted with either a turn-button or a push-button lock. While you may have a preference for one option or the other, push-buttons are generally recommended (and sometimes required) for commercial settings. That’s because push-button door knobs require less dexterity to use, making them more accessible.

Redkeyllc Privacy

4 - Storage Lockset

Locksets for storage rooms employ a clever locking mechanism for security and convenience. These doorknobs are always locked from the outside; they can only be opened by a key. From the inside, the doorknob is always unlocked. This prevents anyone from inadvertently being locked inside the storage room, while also ensuring that whatever’s inside is kept safe when the room is not in use.

Redkeyllc storage lockset

5 - Entry Lockset

Entry locksets are your standard entrance door knobs. They’re the most appropriate option for exterior doors on residential homes as well as office doors, and they can be locked from both sides. Entry locksets are often sold with deadbolts to add another layer of security where it matters most.

You’ll find a wide variety of entrance door knobs on the market. After all, these are the most visible door knobs in any setting, and they can make a statement for the entrance of your home or office.

Redkeyllc Entry lockset

Lever handles versus knob

When looking for a door knob, will you opt for a lever handle or a traditional knob? The choice is both practical and personal.

If your door knob will be in a business setting, a lever handle is a good option. Lever handles tend to have better grip, which makes them easier to use. That said, lever handles rely on a spring, which may need to be repaired after repeated use in a high-traffic area.

Traditional door knobs are durable and they may be preferable in terms of aesthetics. Because lever handles are more modern, for instance, traditional door knobs may be more at home in older buildings.

Redkeyllc Lever handles versus knob

Key versus smart technology

Regardless of whether your door will have a traditional door knob or lever handle, you have the option of improving your security with smart technology. All of the brands that you might already be looking at, including Schlage, Kwikset, and Baldwin, have smart lock door knobs in a variety of styles. And, you can choose the type of technology—keypads, fobs, touchscreens, etc—that works best for your family or business.

Make a statement with your door knob

A carefully chosen door knob will fit seamlessly into the space around it. And when you keep in mind important characteristics like locking mechanisms and durability, you can find the door knob that is perfect for your needs and aesthetic.

Need some help choosing the right door knob for your space? The pros here at Redkey LLC are happy to help all around Erie and Niagara counties. And no matter which door knob you choose, we can help with installation, repair, rekeying, and troubleshooting of your smart locking systems!

Redkeyllc make a statement with your door knob

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