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Ford car keys replacement by Redkeyllc (9)

Ford keys replacement

Everything you need to know about Ford key replacement, including types of keys and estimated costs!

If you have a Ford, you know that it’s a reliable, sturdy car that won’t let you down. But when you need key replacement, how difficult and expensive will it be to get a new set? Here in Buffalo NY, Fords are one of the most common car types, which is why our auto locksmiths at Red Key LLC know all about Ford key replacement.

Here’s a few of the most common questions we get about replacing your Ford keys!

What kind of car key do I need?

Replacing your Ford key will depend on what kind of key your model requires. Here are some of the basic styles:

  • Manual key. This is the most classic and easily replaceable Ford key we come across as auto locksmiths. These physical keys don’t contain any kind of technology and can be easily cut and copied.
  • Transponder key. The first wave of technology in car keys was the transponder key. This key uses a radio transmission to send a passcode from the microchip in the key to the car’s operating system. Like manual keys, these keys are easily replaceable without advanced reprogramming machines.
  • High security key/fob combo. Newer Ford models, such as ones made after 2015, use more sophisticated technology, such as high security key blades and rolling codes in order to prevent auto theft. This makes them slightly more difficult to copy and replace, as they need to be cut by a specialized machine and reprogrammed to the car’s operating system using an programming computer.
  • Keyless fob. The latest trend in car key technology is the keyless fob. As you can probably guess, these are some of the most expensive and difficult to replace because they rely on the highest level of modern technology. But, the right auto locksmith, like our team here at Red Key LLC, will have the tools and experience to replace keyless fobs.

Can I replace my car key without an auto locksmith?

If you have a Ford that uses a manual key or basic transponder key, you should have no problem ordering a blank online, yourself. But, you’ll still need to get it cut by your local auto locksmith.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for Ford key replacement for a flip key or fob, it’s a good idea to check with your auto locksmith before ordering anything. That’s because, as car keys have gotten more advanced, there’s more of a chance of you accidentally ordering a key or that won’t be compatible with your car. So, your best bet is to leave it up to us to order a blank (or pull one from our inventory) and reprogram the new key or fob ourselves. 

How do I start the Ford key replacement process?

When you’re ready to replace your keys, all you have to do is:

  • Call Red Key LLC with your make, model, and VIN number. This information will allow us to verify ownership and check our inventory or order the right key for you.
  • Let us know how many keys you need. Some Ford models only allow a certain number of spare keys to be programmed to the car’s operating system. So, let us know how many keys you’re interested in and we’ll look into what’s possible for your Ford.
  • Schedule a time for cutting and programming. Once we’ve got the right blank keys, it’s time for our Red Key LLC auto locksmith to cut and/or reprogram! We’ll come out to wherever you are in Buffalo NY, including Allentown, Pine Hill, Lincoln Park, Amherst and more, to reprogram your new keys and get you back on the road!


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