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Do you have a GM, Chrysler or Ford car? Do you need a spare key or a lost key made? Learn more and find you car key type here.

The three biggest automakers in the US. Ford, Chrysler and GM.

In 2007, America was hit by one of the most brutal recessions in modern history. Every industry was affected including the auto industry which was booming before then. 

Three of the biggest American automakers-Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler- were the most hit and faced nothing short of oblivion. Something had to be done and quick. American automobile companies had to become more efficient to be able to compete with the Japanese cars that were quickly taking over.

With the evolution of the American automotive companies backed by some little government help, the companies were able to get back on their feet and even get better than they ever were before. However, this was not achieved easily. Workers had to accept cuts in their payments, companies had to move their manufacturing operations, and a lot of innovation in every aspect of the vehicles had to be done to match the modern technology in European cars and Japanese cars.

As a result, all companies are making better cars with much higher quality in terms of performance and fuel economy. These efforts have led to a growth in demand for Chrysler, GM, and Ford cars not only in America but also in many other parts of the world. To keep everything streamlined, the American auto companies are turning to a one-car platform to allow them to make the same car anywhere in the world so that all their customers can enjoy all their cool features.

Car Key Programming in Buffalo, NY

Just like any other car, you may find yourself locked out of your Ford, Chrysler or GM car in Buffalo, NY. It gets even worse when it is one of the more modern models which have more complicated ignition systems and smart keys that require specialist knowledge to deal with them. In such a case, you need car locksmith services in Buffalo from a company that understands computer programming, alarms, anti-theft systems, mechanical locking mechanisms, key-less locks, and much more. Luckily, if you live in Buffalo, NY, Red Key LLC Locksmith services is your go-to automotive locksmith service provider for any Ford, Chrysler, or GM car. Our services include:

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What is my car key type?

Transponder Key Programming

Most modern car keys come with transponder chips to enhance the security of the vehicle. The transponder chip on the key has to send a signal to a receiver in the vehicle to allow the car to start and move. Most Ford, GM, and Chrysler models built after 2007 come with transponder chips in the keys. Losing such a key means you can’t start your vehicle for some time. With such a key, simply copying the physical characteristics of the key won’t cut it. You need a locksmith who knows how to program a transponder key so that it works.

Ignition Replacement

There are many signs you may be having ignition problems. Maybe the engine fails to crank even when you turn the key in the ignition. Or maybe the car won’t even start. Whatever the problem is, you must fix ignition problems as soon as they arise or else you won’t be able to go anywhere. When replacing the ignition lock cylinder, most Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars need the steering column cover removed if there is no access hole. Red Key Locksmiths are always ready to replace your ignition in Buffalo, NY.

Other Services

Other services include key duplication, ignition switch replacement, remote programming, laser key cutting, car locks re-key, and programming key-less entry. 

What is my car key type?

Find your car make, model and year. Click on your make & model to get a coupon for a spar or a lost key made at Red Key LLC.

Why Choose Red Key Locksmiths?

Expertise- We work with some of the most brilliant programmers and technicians to ensure you get perfection on both sides. Our technicians can handle any Chrysler, Ford, or GM car you need unlocked.

Reliability- we offer 24-hour locksmith services in Buffalo, NY to ensure you are never locked out of your car regardless of the time of day or night. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Amherst, East Aurora, Cheektowaga, Depew, Clarence, Niagara Falls, Hamburg, Grand Island, Lockport, or any other part of Buffalo, NY; we will be there minutes after you give us a call.

Affordability- the main difference between what you get from us and what you will get from the car repair shops is the prices. We offer high-quality car locksmith services in Buffalo for much less than you will get in the repair shops or if you choose to go directly to Ford, Chrysler, or GM.

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