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You never know when you will lose the keys to your office. There is no need getting worried about it, cancelling your day schedules or breaking a window to gain access to your office. However, the best option is to contact a reliable and experienced commercial Locksmith. These are professionals trained to solve the lockout efficiently and with much ease. 

Trying to solve the problem by yourself weakens the security of your doors unnecessarily. Whether your business is within an industrial building or in an office, commercial locksmiths use different methods to unlock your doors. Most importantly, it is usually a straightforward process with least resistance to ensure your locks remain secure. 

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which services will you get from a commercial Locksmith in Buffalo, NY?

It is important to note that each business has a unique security system. Regardless of whether it is a large or small business, a locksmith has the exclusive knowledge to address different lock and key systems. For this reason, commercial locksmiths offer a wide range of services concerning varying lock-out situations. In this article, we will look into three essential services. They are;

  1. Safe services.
  2. Master key services.
  3. Change locks services.

Larger businesses or offices need a complex security system which makes it necessary to develop a master key system. It is also important to update a business locking system periodically; this ensures your security is not compromised. This best done through change lock services. However, crucial documents, money and equipment require safe custody. To avoid unwarranted access, it is important to contact a locksmith for safe services.

Without much ado, let us now delve into each of these locksmith services.

Safe Services

Businesses are involved in a series of valuables, including but not limited to cash, confidential files, equipment and documents. For safe handling and storage, a business needs a good safe, one that is secure, and of course one that cannot be easily compromised. 
Hiring a locksmith to install a secure safe will provide high profile business security.

Master Key Lock services

Setting up a master key lock system is one of the best ways in which a business can customize its security. It is primarily meant to grant access to select individuals. However, top-level officials may alternately be given keys that could unlock all doors in the entire company. If you are looking for a practical solution for office security, then hiring a locksmith for master key lock services is the best decision.

Change Lock services

This is one of the best decisions made to enhance the level of security within a business. When your office locks have been in use for quite a long time with many employees having access to them, the chances are that your security is already compromised. Moreover, the service could be utilized to update your locks into newer versions which offer more security.

When you are in such a situation, your only choice is choosing a commercial locksmith for replacement. As mentioned earlier, periodic change of locks is important to beef up your business security.

In conclusion, it is difficult to install every new key and pass system whenever there’s employee turnover, or when a business needs to update or change their locks. However, Red Key LLC commercial locksmiths help businesses assess their security needs and install necessary lock systems that keep the company safe and secure.

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Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs A Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner, it’s not out of place to experience situations that compromise the security of your business. Both small and large scale businesses face a similar problem. They have to deal with theft, burglary, and sometimes, even dishonest employees. This makes it imperative for every business owner to have the contact details of a qualified commercial locksmith. Working with a commercial locksmith you can trust is the first step of keeping your business secure. This would also save you a lot of expenses in the long run. Below are some of the specific services of a locksmith.


Re-Key your office locks

Re-keying your office locks: As a business owner, it is your wish that your business should grow bigger and greater with time. As this happens, it will undergo some changes which may include a high staff turnover. There are many reasons why employees may be in possession of keys to different locations in your office. In some cases, an ex-staff may not turn office keys over to you when their employment is terminated, or they move to another company. This can lead to a security breach in your business. When such things happen, the services of a locksmith become very useful. You need a trustworthy locksmith that can conveniently change your locks so that you have full control over your business premises.

Keep it safe

Ensuring safe security: Every business establishment handles valuable or confidential information which may include the contents of documents and files. Some firms deal with a lot of cash on a daily basis. A commercial locksmith can help you install secure safes that ensure all your valuables remain safe in the event of a break in.

Control your entries

Access control systems: When you hand over your office keys to any employee, you have to put safety mechanisms in place to ensure that no employee can make copies of any office key. It would be detrimental for a dishonest or even an honest employee to make copies of your office keys without your permission. When a commercial locksmith installs access control systems, no employee would be able to make copies of your keys without your consent. You would have full control over your keys and decide which level of control each employee should be granted.

Give a key to someone you trust

untitled1665Changing office locks: If your business involves rental property, you will need to modify the locks on your property after a tenant vacates your premises. A commercial locksmith can handle this in no time. Every landlord is encouraged to have the contact of a qualified locksmith handy at all times. This way, there will be no need to panic or cause any damage to your property.

Be the master

Master key system: Red Key LLC locksmith technicians can design a master key for you so that you would have full access to every department in your office. A master key would allow every business owner to have absolute control over their commercial establishment. These are just a few reasons why every business owner should have the phone number of a qualified and trustworthy commercial locksmith.

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