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Whether you can’t lock your home or you are left locked on the outside, these are the kind of things that can give you a severe headache. Luckily, there are top-notch Red Key’s residential locksmith services in Buffalo that can save you from this kind of situations.

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Just when you think that you’ll have a calm and normal day, everything turns upside down by a door lock that stops cooperating. Whether you can’t lock your home or you are left locked on the outside, these are the kind of things that can give you a severe headache. Luckily, there are top-notch Red Key’s residential locksmith services in Buffalo that can save you from this kind of situations and other as well, offering the security and comfort you need for your home. If you want to know more about the benefits of using such services, then let us look closer at some of the advantages provided by these services.

You know who to call when you’re locked on the outside

Realizing that you can’t open the door to your house and that you are, practically, locked on the outside, can be extremely frustrating and stressful. After having a long and busy day, you probably dream about some comfort food, a hot bath, and a bed, when all you get is a stuck lock that won’t open. Since breaking the door is not a good option, you should opt for house lock-out services and get that lock fixed in no time. So, instead of panicking or getting mad, call in the right professionals that will solve the problem of your door and let you inside the house as soon as possible. As you can see, there is really no need to worry about such things, if you know who to call when this happens.

Increase the safety with a security door

Although it should become more tolerant and safe, the world goes the other way around. So, you will never know what the day will bring. We live in times of uncertainty, when people that appear to be normal and lead normal lives, end up attacking people out of a sudden. So, the only place where we truly feel safe is at home. Now, you can enhance this feeling of safety by getting a security door for your house. This door provides extended safety by making your house’s regular door less accessible. It would be like adding an extra precaution method to prevent intruders from getting inside your home. You will be more relaxed knowing that even if your child will end up answering the door, out of curiosity, the security door will prevent unwanted events from happening.

What to do when the keys to your house are in the wrong hands

There are situations when people you don’t want around have the keys to your home. It can be an ex, a former roommate, or another person that once had access to the keys and never returned them. In this case, to make sure that no one will enter your house while you’re absent, you can opt for rekey services. This is an operation provided exclusively by a locksmith, included by the residential locksmith services in Buffalo, which will make the former keys of your house’s lock unusable, as you will get a brand new set of keys that are the only ones that fit the locker. Thus, the people that have the former keys will not be able to bother you anymore.

RED KEY House Lockout. We're here when you need us - 24/7.

Locked out of your house in the heavy rain?? Lost your keys in the snow???

It can be pretty annoying, but don’t worry about it ! We got you covered !

As a true 24/7 locksmith service in Buffalo we will provide service any time and day. 

There are a few situations in which a lockout can occur. the first and most common is shutting the door behind you with the door knob locked, we see that happening all the time with Schlage door knobs, since that type of lock stays unlocked from the inside while locked from the outside. If we had a dollar for every time we received an early morning call to help one of our customers get in their houses while they were still in pajamas…

The second type of house lockout is when a person lose his keys and he has no spare keys. In these situations, once we let him in,  we offer a complementary spare key since we have a duplicating machine always available in the car.

Another common way to get ourselves locked out is by braking the key in the lock. In most cases we can get in with no damage to the lock and recreate the key within minutes, assisted by our fully automatic framon key cutting machine.

As we have years of experience in many types of situations the list goes on and on, but rest assure we will always be there to help you in any time or weather!!

Emergency Locksmith services in Buffalo NY.

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